Terms & Conditions

When I book accommodation at Amara Retreat, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agreed to the following Terms & Conditions.

  • The Retreat survives entirely on rainwater, so we ask that you and your guests are mindful of water consumption.
  • Please ensure that no chemicals are deposited down the drains at Amara. The property has biocycle septic systems which rely on friendly bacteria and the use of chemical products damages the balance of the systems. We supply organic hair, body and hand wash.
  • There is no smoking on the entire property.
  • No pets are to be brought onto the property to preserve our wildlife and keep our accommodation free from pet hair.
  • In consideration of our neighbours please keep noise to a minimum and adhere to the 10pm noise curfew.
  • We do not host weddings, stag/hen parties or schoolies groups.
  • We would appreciate if you could leave the retreat facilities as tidy as possible after your stay and return anything you may have moved to its original position.
  • To book any accommodation a cost of one night for each accommodation will be taken as a deposit. No dates are secure until the deposit is received and if the deposit is not received by the due date on the invoice, the dates get automatically released for resale.. This deposit is non refundable. COVID policy is that if Amara has to close due to government restrictions, deposits are non refundable but are transferable once within 12 months and can be transferred onto other existing future retreats.
  • Please do not rearrange furniture as this can result in damage and charges for moving.
  • No extra guests beyond the amount booked, are to come onto the property unless it has been discussed and agreed to. This does not extend to therapists coming in to treat guests on a day basis.
  • Amara Retreat Booking to run a retreat.
    When you are booking Amara Retreat to run a retreat, the facilitator should remain on site the whole time day/night, to be responsible for their guests.
  • The hirer must hold their own insurance which must be cited upon hiring. Should any part of the property be damaged due to negligence by The Hirer or their guests then The Hirer will be charged the repair or replacement cost.The Hirer is responsible for insuring their own personal property and that belonging to their guests, assistants, associated personnel and other third party individuals.
  • A Bond of $1000 will be taken and costs of damages or losses or extra man hours will be taken out of this bond and the remainder will be returned to you.
  • Please ensure that your public liability insurance covers you whilst using Amara Retreat. The Hirer agrees to indemnify Amara Retreat/SusannahCrouch against any costs including legal costs, damages, payments, fines or interests Amara Retreat may incur as a result of the Hirer breaching this agreement.
  • When hiring Amara Retreat house, we arrange special check in and out times, these do not extend to the smaller accommodations, these remain at check in 2pm, check out 10am.
  • Amara Retreat reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time with or without notice if the Hirer has breached any terms of this agreement or for reasons of force majeure.
  • A non-refundable booking fee of one nights fee is required upon booking to secure your dates. These dates will remain open until the deposit is received and if the deposit is not received by the due date on the invoice, the dates get automatically released for resale.
  • Final and full payment is due four weeks before the booked retreat dates and is then non-refundable. If the full payment isn’t paid, we reserve the right to open the space to hire.